As you are aware, we had notified in an earlier post two weeks ago that the CNN-IBN news channel is going to make a case of our fight with the transport department. Well, they had done with taking our views. They had talked to several people including us (Shivraj, Kapil and Narayan and others). But they also wanted to take the views of the government officials. They were trying to take some footage of these officials. But these officials have been trying to avoid to make any statement on this issue. At the forefront of this citizen reporting are Shivraj and Kapil. They have been trying to talk to some of these officials, including the MLOs and the commissioner at the regional transport department at Delhi. Below is an excerpt of the effort they have made along with the CNN-IBN reporter Akanksha.

Mail from Kapil to me a while ago:


Had an irresponsible & negative attitude from the PA of commissioner today as CNN-IBN team approached Transport Department. As you already knew that several mails and repeated calls could not get us an appointment all because of their negligence. It was necessary to get commissioner's opinion before airing the show, so we approached his PA. On seeing the camera he just got flamed & kept outcrying that we people didn't have an appointment & what we are doing (shooting) is wrong. He didn't even bother to ask our concern (he already knew). Despite keep arguing on that we had mailed & called plenty times to get appointment, his main focus was on appointment and he kept blazing his guns, he tried to dismount the camera too and later left the room. But with the courage of Akansha and cameraman all is caputured :)

We tried to approach Commissioner but he had already fumed from his room. All it revealed that it was predetermined to not to speak about this issue on camera, which only leads to confusion.

As CNN-IBN is done with their shooting, the show is all set to be aired. Timing is :- Saturday 9:30 pm & sunday 5:30 pm. Make a notice of it on website. The show will be aired in episodes and the duration will be 4-5 mins each episode as told by Akansha. Shivraj has asked to publish the page of Hindustan Times on website, try if possible.


Tune in to CNN-IBN this Saturday 9:30 PM for the citizen journalist show.

The show has been aired on Saturday, 15 September, 2012 9:30 PM and the next day on 11:30 AM and 5:30 PM. The show can also be viewed by clicking the link below: