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This section on the website hosts stories based on my personal experiences. I do not want to make a sorry picture with the stories that I write in here. I want to just paint a picture that actually occurs in life with a person like me. The people that I might mention in this story may not always be real people but there will be a truth in it. This because saying things in public out of a personal experience might not suit well with some people. So I will maintain the sanctity of their privacy and respect their views on life and ways of it.

This section records stories in sections. For the visitors and members of this site, they can also post their own articles / experiences in these sections and invite comments on their posts. This will be published on the site with whatever name they choose as their screen name on this website.

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Living with one eye is not an easy thing. Sometimes it feels even worse than having any vision at all and one might think that it is better that they did not have any vision at all! At least this way they wouldn't see the what is going on around and can only imagine.

Over the time, I have shared a few of my experiences. The driving license matter I reported this year created quite an awareness for the people around in India having the same situation. I have gotten a few calls as well asking me what to do in such a situation. And they have benefited from this.

For those who think that living with one eye is being physically handicapped, let me show you a few examples of people who have lost the vision in one eye at an early stage of life.