Given that despite the precedents such as mine and one more (from Hyderabad who had a previous DL from the US), I have been getting quite a lot of queries over the years from people with monocular vision asking me how to proceed with getting a driving license.

I have a list of around 50 people who have sometime in the past contacted me either through email or by registering on this site. All of these people are from India and are in various service sectors, including central government services at higher positions.

I understand that one can get a DL by other means as well (such as going through the agent and somehow hiding their medical condition of being a person with a monocular vision). But this would be detrimental for various reasons. For example, in case of an accident, if you had a driving license that did not mention your medical condition, the insurance claim may get void. Apart from the fact that not mentioning your medical condition would be an illegal thing you would be doing which if found, be chargeable under the penal code of India and also other countries.

Therefore, this is high time all people with monocular vision should come together and put a concentrated fight that gives a clear instruction to the government RTOs that people with monocular vision should never be disallowed from getting a driving license on the ground being a person with monocular vision.

Apart from being a support group for people with monocular vision, we also plan to create formal association with a clear mission to either make amendments in the relevant acts or get a clear order from the government or the court notifying all the RTOs that one should not be disallowed to get a DL on sole ground of being a person with monocular vision.

I request all the people having monocular vision to be part of this group.

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